In 1996, Le Sfogline's history began.

Renata Zappoli, along with her daughters Daniela and Monica, took over a handmade pasta shop because they wanted to share what they did every Sunday at home with their families with a wider public. And so, in a short while, Le Sfogline of Via Belvedere became a point of reference for genuine, traditional Bolognese products for every demanding and "hungry" customer in town. Their successful secret is summarised in a few words: "being careful in choosing the highest quality raw materials and ingredients and reaching the end product as though the customer was a guest invited over for lunch rather than a simple buyer".

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    1st July 2015


    Le Sfogline becomes Social

    Finally our official social network pages are online: follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to stay up to date on our news.

    From 5th June Until the end of July

    Via Belvedere 7

    Our "Home made Pasta lessons"

    Every Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm, after booking by mail or telephone we will hold our courses to form you in the preparation of the home made pasta! What are you waiting for?

    Dal 5 giugno to the end of august

    Via Belvedere 7

    Our Tortelloni "Summer edition"

    For the summer we offer you a combination that is now a must! Tortelloni stuffed with ricotta with lime peel. We recommend you to book!

    Far Pasta


    “Here the trade is chiefly that of the belly.”

    Bologna was definitely not the most lavish town in Italy when the British composer and musical historian Charles Burney visited it for the first time, at the beginning of the XIX century; yet the folks he crossed by the inns and taverns all over the city looked quite plump and happy to him. Maybe it was due to the abundance of the “things necessary for a good living”, as the Flemish writer Franz Schott had suggested a couple of centuries earlier...Download the pdf to continue reading.

    Download the pdf PDF Far Pasta
    Far Pasta

    "Far Pasta" Project



    In the Italian gastronomic overview,

    Bologna and Emilia Romagna are characterised as the kingdom of egg pasta. The specific ritual carried out by the "Sfogline" (name given to those who prepare handmade pasta) has been maintained through time in the Bolognese tradition for meals during bank holidays. For Italians, pasta has always been considered not only a type of food, but also an element of union and merrymaking. For this reason, FAR PASTA tries to spread knowledge of the real "sfoglia" (handmade past sheet) and true Bolognese food by giving added value to all the other excellence and great quality of our traditions.

    Download the pdf PDF Far Pasta

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